Audiopile: easy audio collaboration for teams!

Use Audiopile to upload, transcode, stream and share high resolution audio in any format. A simple, professional tool for managing audio data in the cloud.

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Supports iOS, Android and web!



Upload audio in any format, as much as you want! Leave large files running while you're away from the studio.


Audio files will be securely stored in their original format for easy retrieval at any time.


Quickly and automatically create and store compressed copies of all the audio you upload.


Stream your audio from any device without worrying about heavy data usage. We stream audio back to you in 320k .mp3.


Organize your team, share with your band or send to your producer. Audiopile works with groups.


Edit audio and download in a variety of formats. Audiopile is a professional audio multi-tool. (More features in progress!)


Uploading and sharing large audio files is a common problem in the music production space. Music producers, recording engineers and podcast creators often encounter difficulty sharing large format audio files with collaborators. Tools exist to facilitate these transfers (Dropbox, Wetransfer, etc.) but they generally don’t support easy streaming and playback from mobile devices.

Audiopile is an app for recording, uploading and streaming audio between small groups. Most cloud audio apps are geared towards public distribution and final product release. This tool aims to provide dependable cloud hosting, large format audio transfer and simple social streaming utilities to content creators.

Upload / Transcode

Audiopile allows the upload of audio files in any format or size. After upload, each file is transcoded to a smaller mp3 “audio thumbnail” and stored alongside the original. This enables easy streaming and sharing of even the largest and most obscure audio formats.


When you’re out and about on your mobile device and want to preview a long WAV file, you’ll be able to quickly stream the mp3 version without wrecking your data plan. The original file is always saved alongside the transcoded version for reference or retrieval when you’re back in the studio.

Collaboration / Social Sharing

Audiopile is designed for content creators. You should spend less time dealing with large audio files and difficult formats and more time creating! Push notifications keep you in the loop on the latest music in your private group!

Looking forward to all your feedback!

~Brian Fogg